The following questions were the driving force behind the building of our WebPlanner Module and the reason we deliver it within our Award Winning and Certified RESPONSEnet System. Some of our clients has asked the following questions which have prompted the development of the WebPlanner function:

  • How can I best update, maintain and deliver my Emergency, Continuity and Response plans and ensure they are compliant?
  • I need a "Best Practices", standards based Plan Template to begin building from but where do I start?
  • I need to be able to access my plans from anywhere and also make sure my personnel and first responders can access them securely; but how?
  • How can I ensure all users who have access to my plans are notified when I make a change?
  • How can I print my plan sections or the entire plan quickly and easily and with "interactivity" to quickly find what I need?
  • How can I make sure it's easy to get to the information we need with only a mouse click or simple search?
  • How can I track every change to my plans and access log reports with user, time, date and modification information?

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