SVA is a web-based Security & Vulnerability Assessment module built specifically to empower our clients to track, report and pull results from their on-site building audits. The solution allows the client and first responder agencies to effectively conduct new vulnerability assessments and track their status across all buildings.  Infrastructures, both public and private, are critical to every community. Protection of those infrastructures must be a high priority for private and public entities to ensure an uninterrupted service, which is essential for the protection of public safety.

Adequate security measures will help prevent loss of service through terrorist acts, vandalism, or natural disaster. If your infrastructure is prepared, such actions may even be prevented. The appropriate level of security is best determined at the local level; down to the building level.

Our Security & Vulnerability solutions are designed to help you determine possible vulnerable components and identify security measures that should be considered. A "vulnerability assessment" is the identification of weaknesses in infrastructure security, focusing on defined threats that could compromise its ability to provide adequate services.

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