REPORTER™ is a web-based incident reporting and notification module built specifically to empower clients and their internal stakeholders. The solution allows district and first responder agencies to effectively work together and document anything, anywhere at any time. In just a few mouse clicks users are able to start a new report and begin tracking anything that happens on district sites. The RESPONSEnet system allows you to securely enter reports, track incidents with time/date accuracy, query data and notify responsible parties immediately. Primary REPORTER functionality includes:

  • “Live” electronic incident reporting
  • Automatic incident alert notification to e-mail and SMS text message
  • Stakeholder interoperability
  • Coordination with Police/Security agencies on related incidents
  • Ability to “assign” incidents to groups or individuals for tracking
  • Attachment option for images, movie clips, etc.
  • Incident & work order management
  • Reports with trends and analysis
  • Report templates for frequently queried options
  • Collaborative workspace
  • 2 – Way SMS updating of reports with notes and status changes