Property managers and asset owners tasked with purchasing and implementing site security are faced with a number of challenges, such as theft, vandalism, loitering, fraudulent lawsuits and budgetary constraints just to name a few.  You now have the option of reducing your overall security costs through our remote video monitoring service with advanced video surveillance. Using cutting-edge technology and the most highly trained customer care agents in the industry, we can provide services traditionally assigned to security officers or other on-site personnel, while at the same time providing a significant reduction in operating costs.

VES provides next generation video monitoring systems and services that combine the power of video and voice, a state-of-the-art operations center, and a unique service model. With VES, you’ll have many benefits including safer facilities, lower security and operating costs.

In the following section we'll show you a few ways our services and technology can immediately impact your bottom line as well as some Case Studies and partner videos.

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