Stadiums, Theme Parks & Large Crowd Intensive Sites

Every year, huge numbers of people pass through the doors of major coliseums, stadiums, concert halls and like venues to participate in, or watch, a dizzying variety of activities. Due to the inherent severity of the impact of either a manmade or natural catastrophe at such venues, it is imperative that advanced tactical preparation tools be made available to the professional responders who support these sites. Multi-event, urban facilities have been addressing disaster preparation with preventive and planning methods for a long time. Preemptive tactical tools bring all of this investment together when it is needed...during the actual crisis event.

At events where large crowds gather, speed and efficiency are of the essence in disaster response. VES provides a simulation and training tool to execute this task quickly and economically. Our Tactical Mapping Solutions provide multi-scenario, tabletop access to situational data that management and first response teams can utilize to verify, test and integrate emergency plans. With the VES solution, users can verify and monitor the following and more:

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