Commercial Building Space

Office Building, Shopping Centers, High Rise and other Commercial Sites

Designed and developed to envelop the emergency response needs of facility and property managers, as well as those of police, fire, and EMT responders, the VES RESPONSEnet Solution provides for all of the collection, reduction to useable computerized format, and interfacing of data necessary to accommodate the many and demanding requirements of emergency response. An added benefit is the extraordinary support our Tactical Mapping provides for strategic business planning and training. 

Large commercial facilities like shopping malls and sports venues – and the areas that support them (parking plazas, loading docks, food courts, etc.) – represent a significant point of exposure in the local community. By any measure of their vulnerability, they are considered “soft targets,” both easily identifiable and difficult to protect. The ready availability of effective response tools to proprietary facility managers and first responders can mean the difference between life and death.

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