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The Tactical Mapping for County Jails and Courts Initiative is a program designed to provide Sheriffs and local law enforcement agencies that operate jail and/or court facilities with a comprehensive solution for their jail/court security, crisis response and jail/court evacuation needs.  The foundation of this security and safety program is the tactical mapping system developed specifically to for Sheriff's Office personnel and first responders. Some of the primary benefits of this advanced technology for Sheriff's include:

  • Faster Response to critical incidents ... saving lives and re-establishing command and control
  • NIMS/ICS Support – built in Notification and Reporting features support Incident Command System with "Unified Messaging" & Documentation for federal reimbursement
  • Improved planning and training capabilities that results in improved response
  • Reduced liability because of DHS Safety Act Certification and Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT)

Virtual Emergency Services (VES) and the The Community Safety Institute (CSI), a nationally recognized leader in solutions and training for the Law Enforcement community, is pleased to offer the RESPONSEnet Tactical Mapping System for Jails & Courts. RESPONSEnet™ has been certified with the Department of Homeland Security as a "Safety Act" certified technology and is listed on the QATT (Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology) list as well as the Department of Homeland Security AEL and SEL approved product lists.

If your agency is interested in receiving an interactive training session with our team (which includes the Jail Response Toolkit - see brochure from the recent NSA conference) please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .