LCPS, (Virginia)- Project Press Release - RESPONSEnet System chosen after National Competition

Loudoun County Public Schools (VA) selects RESPONSEnet Tactical Mapping - Notification - Reporting solution after National Competition


Ashburn, Virginia - 2009

After a national competition, the Loudoun County Public Schools have selected the RESPONSEnet solution to protect their student population and empower their first responder agencies.

VES is in the process of Designing and developing a web based, emergency training & response system implementation for the Loudoun County Public Schools which is the educational home of more than 57,000 of Virginia's students. The school district operates 75 school facilities.

Virtual Emergency Services, LLC (VES), a Michigan company, was founded in 2003 and is a national provider of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness products, including the RESPONSEnet™ Emergency Mapping Database System. With corporate offices in Wyandotte, Michigan, VES has quickly grown under the leadership of two key officers, providing employment to 10 residents of southeast Michigan and Indiana. VES was established with private investment funds. VES is wholly owned by the managing members and investment partners of the LLC. VES currently maintains no debt and is not involved in any litigation of any sort.

For more information, see the VES website at or call 877-2-VESLLC