VES Wins Homeland Security Award from MIHSC


Profiles of the 2007 Michigan Homeland Security SELECT Award winners

The Michigan Homeland Security Consortium (MIHSC) launched the Michigan Homeland Security SELECT™ Awards to acknowledge homeland security segment leaders in our state. The first annual awards ceremony, held at the Lansing Center (in downtown Lansing) on Tuesday, April 24, brought well deserved recognition to the leadership, innovation and business strengths among private and public groups.

Security / Winner: Keith Murray, Virtual Emergency Services, Southfield, Michigan

With its business partners, Virtual Emergency Services, LLC (VES) provides value-added services to a client base that comprises 80% of the Fortune 500 companies. VES has demonstrated -- to the Department of Homeland Security at the State and County level, HQ Marine Corps – Force Protection (HQMC), The Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA), Large Defense Contractors, Security Directors, Emergency Management Professionals and First Responders -- the value of its technology involved in the services they provide. VES provides custom "tactical mapping" for various vertical markets. The nominators feel every facility including Healthcare, Schools, High Rise, High-Hazard sites, Manufacturing, Shopping Centers, Airports, Sporting venues and Convention Centers will benefit from VES services. VES solutions achieve Homeland Security-related goals by accomplishing the following:

• Increases life safety and protection of property

• Provides immediate access to all vital information for site personnel and First Responders during an emergency situation

• Enhances training and simulations

• Inventory of Critical Infrastructure and Assets

• Mitigation of incidents

• Virtual Environments with embedded 360 degree imagery

• Enhance Risk Profile (Life, Property, Legal & Insurance)